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In 1972, Tamay Fiber Co., Ltd. (Tamay), the parent company of Nien Foun Fiber Co., Ltd. (Nien Foun), was the first company in Taiwan to introduce denim fabric to the domestic market. Every day traders and garment manufacturers waited in line with cash, offering to buy truckloads of denim fabric. Before too long, the demand was so high that jeans were sold without garment-washing because there simply wasn't time. Then, a few years down the road, the company introduced a type of stone-wash denim that also sold like crazy. All the downstream garment-washing plants were rapidly expanding their capacities from a few washing machines to a lot of machines operated in three shifts. The demand for denim increased more and more.
As the Tamay Company matured around 1977, it introduced stretch denim in different weights. Soon, everybody wanted denim in stretch, and the company had it. Tamay executives realized at that point that denim was a very versatile fabric, so Tamay increased its investment in new denim development.
Tamay soon gained a very large share of the domestic market in Taiwan, supplying denim to domestic garment manufacturers, jeans makers, chain stores, and fabric dealers. Its success in making jeans popular was as legendary as the success of the moonwalk by Niel Armstrong.
In 1990, Tamay established Nien Foun as a subsidiary to handle international sales, working with buyers for European, U.S. and Asian markets. Then, in 1992, Nien Foun was involved in researching and developing Tencel denim made out of a new fiber called Lyocell, the only newly created fiber since Spandex. In 1993, Nien Foun introduced Tencel denim to the domestic market as well as to the international market. The demand for Tencel denim soared, gaining a great deal in popularity. By 1995, Nien Foun had become one of the leading Tencel denim producers in the world. Its main customers were brand-name and chain-store buyers, especially from the U. S., where there was more media exposure and consumer awareness.
Nien Foun continues to promote Tencel denim to other countries. The dividends are gradually paying off-Nien Foun is the leading Tencel producer in the world. Seventy Percent of Nien Foun's customers purchase denim for the European and U. S. markets, twenty percent for the rest of the world, and ten percent for the domestic market. The buyers include garment manufacturers, garment trading companies, buying offices, wholesalers, and fabric agents. Its denims are purchased for brand names like Next (UK), Speigel (US), Lee (worldwide), Boston Proper (US), Newport News (US), Otto (Germany), Disney (US), Debenhams (UK), and many more.
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