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Product Development
Our company works very hard to anticipate the needs of our customers for denim fabrics. Nien Foun's development cycle begins with our design team, which travels around the world attending forums and gathering information several times a year. Our product development team develops interesting denims based on the ideas generated by these trips, then executes the development by working with reliable finishing plants to create new finishes that add value to the denim.
Nowadays, the ability to create benchmark denim in the existing market is essential. The market can create demands for new denims almost anytime of the year, so to accommodate a quick response to the market the lead time for the development of a new product can be shortened to less than three weeks. A new finish on the denim can be accomplished during a lead time of less than three days. The Nien Foun Company is capable of developing what the market demands in a timely manner, one of our most appreciated services.
While some may argue that any investment can be cut back, Nien Foun will not cut down on new denim development. For this reason, the company takes customer's requests to run sample yardage seriously, even though a sample production of a few yards is very costly. Moreover, we work within the customer's timeline to deliver what we promise, because Nien Foun values the development of new denim as a necessary investment in the future. The company makes a serious effort to complete these requests as part of our investment in development of future products.
Production Capacity
The Nien Foun Company's factory is located in Central Taiwan and uses top-of-the-line yarn-dyeing and weaving machinery. We currently have a capacity of 600,000 linear yards per month.
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