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Tencel is a 100 percent celulosic fiber. It is produced from natural cellulose derived from wood pulp (sourced from harvested trees), using a solvent spinning process which is designed to minimize the environmental impact.
Wood pulp and amine oxide solution are mixed and heated until the cellulose dissolves. The clear solution that results is then extruded into a dulute aqueous solution of the amine oxide, which precipitates the cellulose as fiber. After washing in water, the fiber is ready for finishing processes which are designed to the needs of technical fiber users. The dilute amine oxide from washing is purified and recycled simply by evaporating the excess water.
Tencel is also biodegradable and can be landfilled, digested in sewage, incinerated or recycled.
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You can truly believe that in today's rapidly changing jeans market, Nien Foun's denim fabric gives you the variety it takes to create many different garment styles.  Nien Foun has product lines in basic denim, dark blue denim, stretch denim, slub denim, cross-hatch denim, printed denim, jacquard denim, and Tencel Inc.
We use high quality yarn to make indigo denim, which results in a smooth fabric. 
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